Steve Presser

The arts have been a big part of Steve Presser’s life. The owner of Big Fun toy store and a lifelong Cleveland Heights resident, Steve is married to an artist and loves to take in live music in Coventry Village and around the region.

The arts also enrich the lives of business owners and visitors to Coventry. That’s why Steve works with other businesses as part of the Coventry Village Special Improvement District to bring free cultural experiences to residents and guests each summer.

The Coventry Village Special Improvement District enriches the quality of life for residents, celebrates the community’s artistic talents, attracts visitors and creates economic benefits for local merchants. Through its Summer Series, supported in part by CAC, residents and visitors experience activities ranging from live music and exhibitions to outdoor movies and yoga in the park.

“The series brings together people who share a common belief that life is better because of the arts. Not everyone can afford to go to a movie, see a band, or listen to poetry reading. The key is for it to be free and accessible to all,” Steve says. “If we have 10 people or 10,000, we make an impact through our programming.”

Steve says the series has an undeniable local economic benefit. “It brings people out to appreciate what the business community has done to bring life to the commercial district. Our hope is that they will shop at a local business, grab a milkshake or a sandwich when they come out to a movie or a performance.”

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