Ata Farah

When 12-year-old Ata Farah, a student at Buhrer Dual Language Academy in Cleveland, heard he was going to a museum for a field trip, he had one thought: BORING! That was until he stepped foot into the Crawford Auto-Aviation Collection Museum.

The Museum features two floors of classic cars, planes, and the gondola from a Goodyear blimp. His favorite vehicle? The 1981 DeLorean DMC-12, the first DeLorean model produced. “It was an all-out amazing journey through the cars,” Ata says. “I never thought a museum would be like this.”

Ata’s love of cars runs deep, thanks to his dad, Rod Farah. On the weekends, they go to classic car shows or take Rod’s 1975 fire-engine red Chevy Chevelle for a ride. It will become Ata’s when he’s old enough to drive, and the pair have worked together to restore it. The Crawford Museum’s Youth Entrepreneurship program, supported by CAC, naturally appealed to Ata’s interests.

During the program, Ata’s class learned about the economy, Cleveland-made classic cars, the roots of the industry in Northeast Ohio, and role-played as industrial era entrepreneurs. Ata became Theodore Kundtz, the first entrepreneur to make car bodies, and put together a plan for a company he invented called “Autobots.” The program allowed Ata to connect his family’s love of cars with a possible future career.

“Not all kids can have this experience. The whole thing was amazing. Now I know how the old days were,” Ata says. “I’m going to collect cars when I get older.”

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